Washable Handmade Stuffed Animals

Washable Handmade Stuffed Animals

One night, my daughter woke up puking. Unfortunately, her handmade doll was in the line of fire. There was bright orange puke all over her hair and face, but I thought, "Well, if she doesn't make it through the washer than I guess I'll make another..." I put her in a garment bag, on a gentle cycle with cold water and crossed my fingers. My husband changed the wash, not know the doll was there and put her in the dryer. GASP... I pulled her out expecting matted felted hair, but NOPE!!! She had beach waves!!!! Wild, I know!!!

Handmade doll with light pink yarn hair

Here's the thing about Hey Kitty Rae dolls, they're all 100% cotton and the hair is usually super wash merino wool, meaning it is treated to prevent felting. The faces are embroidered so they won't wash off either. Of course, spot cleaning is preferred to prevent wear and tear, but some messes need a more drastic measure. 

Washing Handmade Stuffed Animals and Dolls

Full disclaimer, I cannot speak for all handmade dolls, but I do know what works best for my animals and dolls. For those spills that spot cleaning with a damp rag and light soap won't be enough, I recommend putting Hey Kitty Rae handmade dolls in a garment bag, on a delicate cycle, with cold water and use a gentle detergent. Also, air drying is preferrable. Sometimes the bunny ears could do with a little attention from an iron. 

Three Bunnies sitting on a shelf

In the unpredictable journey of parenting, we often find ourselves facing unexpected challenges, like the night my daughter's doll was surprised with a splash of bright orange puke. Yet, what emerged from the washing machine wasn't a disaster but rather a surprising transformation—beach waves replacing what could have been a matted mess. The resilience of Hey Kitty Rae handmade dolls proved to be a testament to the quality and care infused into each creation.

Two girls in dresses playing with Hey Kitty Rae Dolls on a window seat

Creating a handmade doll is a labor of love and even the highest quality construction still needs to be cared for properly. While the approach shared here might not universally apply to all handmade dolls, it stands as a testament to the dedication of Hey Kitty Rae in creating not just dolls, but enduring companions meant to weather the joys and spills of life alongside the ones we cherish most.

Bye for now!

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