Valentines Pop Up Book Tutorial

Valentines Pop Up Book Tutorial

Hey there! Stepping away from sewing to share a quick heart-shaped pop-up book tutorial—perfect for Valentines. Personalize it with sweet messages or memories for loved ones. Great for bringing a touch of love to those far from home. Spread Valentine's joy effortlessly!

Hey Kitty Rae Valentines Pop Up Book Tutorial


Materials for Pop Up Book Tutorial

Valentine's Pop Up Book Tutorial

Start with a square of paper. Fold it in half horizontally with the right side facing up, then open it back up. Repeat the same fold vertically.

Fold square of paper vertically and then horizontally

Flip the sheet to the back side, make a diagonal fold, and open it back up. Flip it again so the right side is facing up. Fold the square so that the diagonals go inward as the horizontal/vertical folds close.

Turn square and fold one diagonal

Repeat these steps for as many sheets as you want in your pop-up book.

If you decide to fold a bunch, try a creaser for neat folds—grab a ruler, boardbook or, my personal favorite, a point turner (from the quilt section at the craft store of course!) and drag the straight edge along the fold.

Next, use the heart template to cut the pages into heart shapes. Align the heart's point with the corner where all folds meet.

Fold more squares and then cut heart shape

Glue the sheets together with a glue stick. That's it! You now have a little pop-up book.

Glue the folded squares together to form a pop up book

Add printed pictures or paste sweet messages on the hearts. Alternatively, leave the pages blank for a sketchbook feel.

For a perfect pocket-sized reminder of love, use 6" squares.

Create an extra little touch with a ribbon closure and/or use cardstock for the covers.

Hey Kitty Rae Heart Shaped Pop Up Book Tutorial

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Bye for now!

Here I am on Studio 5

What an absolute treat to share this little pop up book Brooke Walker on Studio 5! Hope you enjoy a quick run-through of this tutorial!

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