A Shift in My Handmade Goals

A Shift in My Handmade Goals

I've got some exciting things in store for 2024. Although I will still be creating handmade dolls and stuffed animals, I am planning to design some opportunities to share my love of doll making and sewing. I believe it's the right time to allocate some of my efforts toward writing patterns and offering kits.

An array of thread spools in various colors

Empowering Creativity:

One of my goals is to launch a blog series featuring simple tutorials for beginner sewers, guiding them through the process of crafting doll clothes and accessories. Additionally, I plan to offer kits that include carefully chosen, fabrics perfect for these projects. Through these initiatives, I aim to share the joy of crafting and empower individuals to embark on their sewing journey with confidence and creativity. 

Hey Kitty Rae Sewing

Learning and Sewing Together:

I'm also eager to delve into offering in-person doll-making classes. My vision is to conduct workshops at quilting conferences and similar events, providing an opportunity for enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the world I hold dear and I'm starting with 2 workshops in March. Register here.

Two pairs of inside out pants, one trimmed with pinking shears and one not

Additionally, I aspire to develop kits for my dolls, featuring pre-printed fabrics to simplify the embroidery process. While this idea has been on my mind for some time, I recognize the need for further research and planning to seamlessly integrate these designs into my shop. 

Moving Forward:

I'm excited about the prospect of empowering creativity through writing patterns and offering kits. The upcoming blog series will provide detailed instructions for beginner sewers, accompanied by carefully curated kits to enhance the crafting experience. Moreover, my plan to introduce in-person doll-making classes aims to create immersive opportunities for enthusiasts to share in the joy of creating unique handmade treasures.

Two pairs of scissors, some sewing clips and pins organized atop a green cutting mat

Thank you for being part of this journey, and I look forward to the exciting and creative endeavors that lie ahead. Together, let's make 2024 a year of shared inspiration, learning, and boundless creativity.

Bye for now!

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