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Hey Kitty Rae

Custom Animal Doll

Custom Animal Doll

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As a mother of two I know how quickly children grow out of their clothes. There are two things that tug at my heart with these mountains of fabric. The first is that I hate throwing away something that has a small stain or hole, but is otherwise in good condition. It seems like such a waste, but I also don't feel comfortable donating those items or passing them on to other children. My other pain is letting go of items that hold special memories. I love the idea of grandkids having those pieces, but can't hold onto everything.

One thing that I love is bringing new life to something that would otherwise be discarded. This is true not just for my kids' clothing but also my husband's shirts and pants. I've made some of the cutest courderoy animals from his pants and plaid friends from his button up shirts. 

I would like to offer this option to you. This listing is for a custom friend made from clothing hidden away in your closet. I would love to create a friend from fabric that holds a special place in your heart.

However, not all fabrics work for this medium. Below is a list of fabrics that work and fabrics that do not. I've also provided images and a video to give some further examples and explainations. Of course, if you aren't sure, feel free to email me at

Fabrics that work well for stuffies

Fabrics that don't work as well for stuffies

Woven Cottons (button up shirts, summer dresses, cotton shorts) Anything stretchy (t-shirts, stretch pants, sweatshirts, spandex)
Denim, Khaki and Courderoy See through fabrics (organzas and tulles)
Wool Flannel Slippery thin materials (satins/silks)

Mesh type fabrics/loose knits (lace/knits)
Delicate/fragile fabrics (will most likely tear during the stuffing process)

Another tip is to look at the fabric contents on the on the tag. Generally if it is 100% cotton, that will work. However, most synthetics like spandex and nylon are added for stretch, which is not good.

As an FYI, most of the fabrics on the "don't work" side need to be attached to a stabilizer or lining fabric to prevent warping and stretching when stuffed. This extra layer often pulls away while sewing leaving wrinkles in odd places and around seams.

Please note that there is always a risk when reusing or upcycling any fabric. Especially old or vintage fabrics can fall apart due to previous wear and tear. If an unsuitable fabric is recieved, Hey Kitty Rae will send an email listing the problems and, if necessary, will issue a refund as well as return the fabric.

As far as quantity, 1 of each animal (bunny/kitty) can be made from a mens medium button up shirt.

Once purchased, you will receive an email with a contract and information on where to mail your items as well as a form to narrow down any details/requests.

Product details:

Each animal is approximately 16" from head to toe (not including ears) and cannot be scaled down. If not enough fabric is provided than accent fabrics will be used.

At this time, Hey Kitty Rae only makes kitty and bunny silhouettes for stuffed animals. 

Each doll is stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfil.

Every garment sent to Hey Kitty Rae will be washed using Tide detergent and dried on a low setting, unless otherwise requested.

Efforts will be made to preserve any details on the garment, such as lace trimming, ornamental features, interesting seams and/or embroidery. 

Please allow 4-6 weeks from when the clothing has been received by Hey Kitty Rae for the final product to be shipped. You will be notified when this custom item ships.

Customer is responsible for all shipping costs.

*Woman owned. Handmade in the US.

**Please email with any questions. 

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